Yes, I know

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A fashionable bar somewhere in Europe. The location doesn’t matter. All that matters is you. You are young and confident. Strong, smooth and good looking. The world is yours, all you have to do is take it. You run your eyes across the room, checking the competition and the “talent”. This is your ritual, the way you hunt. Prospects are good this evening. As your eyes drift back across the room you notice her. Tonight, she is the one. The most gorgeous woman in the room. Perhaps the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen. Long dark hair, luscious lips, curves to make any man weep and a killer stare. You notice the stare because she is looking right at you. But, something is wrong. Under her gaze you find that your legs are frozen. Drink poised half way to your mouth, you are unable to move.

The girl… No… The woman with the killer stare starts to walk across the room. The people in the bar move apart to let her through, as if some force is pushing them away. Within a heartbeat she is by your side, her body so close you almost forget to breathe. You are aware of her spell but there is nothing you can do. You want to take the power back, take control but, before you can speak her lips part…

“Buy me a drink”.

You hear the words but they are coming through a fog. You don’t comprehend. She looks down and touches the bag in your hand, her fingers trailing over the leather straps…

“I said, buy me a drink”.

Her fingers continue to trail little patterns over the leather straps of the bag, sometimes letting her fingers brush over the skin of your hand. Of course, a drink!

“Nice bag”.

Somehow you find your voice.

“It’s a…”
“YUKIHIRO. Yes, I know”.

The night blurs. Morning approaches through eyes coated in sand. You don’t remember drinking that much, but you must have. Movement at the end of the bed causes memories to come crashing back and, with sudden, piercing clarity you remember…

“It’s a…”
“YUKIHIRO. Yes, I know”.



Azusa Higa
Sofian Medjadi Fisli
Photography: Nathan Berry
Paris, France

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