World Recycle Week

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Recently, H&M began their World Recycle Week with launch parties all around the world to kick off their amazing, world changing fashion event. The launch party in Tokyo featured the beautiful Emi Renata and Carolina Kaneda and their very own fashion charity, BRIDGE Fundraising Project, which is another amazing charity project aimed at changing the world through fashion.

This is just one snap from the party of some very beautiful and talented people. It was an honor to be involved.

If you haven’t already, why not gather up all your old and unwanted clothes and take them down to your nearest H&M?

If you are in Tokyo (or anywhere in Japan) and you have something a little more special you’d like to give away, donate it to BRIDGE Fundraising Project. Here is a link to their website –

If you want to support BRIDGE and do a little shopping for bargains at the same time please check their online store here –

Get involved and make a difference!


Pictured above (left to right): Emi Renata, Sakimi Kanda, Elena Nose, Sumire, Carolina Kaneda, Kelly Misawa, and Ahn Mika.

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