Tokyo Live

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Photography and music are two of our greatest passions. When the chance comes to shoot a live gig, we’re there. Standing in front of the barricades or in the middle of the mosh pit, there is no greater experience. For several years now we’ve been connected to a few different Tokyo indie-rock bands and have toured around all the local live houses, all-access pass in hand, collecting images for a book we are planning to release some time next year.

Shooting live rock and what goes on behind the scenes is really different to what we normally do. It is so dark and raw and alive with energy. There is just something about the way music brings people to life. It’s aggressive and electrifying. It’s in your face and it’s real. More real than everything else (at the time anyway).

We will be posting more images from our Tokyo Live shoots over the next few weeks and months.


Band: The Flickers
Pictured above: Shōtarō Horiuchi
Photography: Nathan Berry
Location: Shinjuku JAM, Tokyo.

The Flickers are: 安島裕輔 [Yūsuke Ajima] (vocals, guitar, programming), 堀内祥太郎 [Shōtarō Horiuchi] (bass, backing vocals), 本吉”Nico”弘樹 [Hiroki “Nico” Motoyoshi] (drums, backing vocals).
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