The instant world

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Sometimes the best camera is the one you have with you. I know some photographers carry their SLRs with them EVERYWHERE and I get it, I really do, but that’s not me. When I started this whole photography thing I took a lot of street snaps trying to catch that Henri Cartier-Bresson “decisive moment” but I’ve since found my niche. I love catching moments but what I really love is creating them. That’s not to say I don’t sometimes wish I had my camera on me but most of the time it’s just a heavy, expensive, easily damaged weight hanging from my shoulder. Of course it depends on the kind of work I am doing. Live music is always about catching moments, but the majority of my work is in studio or on location with models and there it is ALL about creating moments.

Ever since the smart phone came into existence people everywhere became instant photographers. While I would agree that simply owning a device that takes pictures doesn’t actually make you a photographer I’m not going to just dismiss the merits of the pocket camera. There are some people out there, professional photographers included, who wield their smart phone cameras like an artist wields a paint brush. They have turned smart phone photography into an art form, and there is a market for it. There is just something about the ability to take, process, exhibit and receive feedback on your work, all in a matter of moments. Instant gratification.

I only hope this instant, hurry up, now-now-NOW! culture doesn’t eventually take away our ability to experience, reflect upon and appreciate art the way it should be appreciated. Instant access to movies did away with the need for video stores in many countries but who misses being able to browse the shelves to find that rare gem? Will the increasing popularity of e-books and e-readers see the world lose its book stores and libraries? Will the constant barrage of images from the web and image services like Instagram see us lose our museums and exhibition centers? My fingers are crossed. I certainly hope not.

Isn’t it strange where ideas lead us? This post started out as a small article, an excuse to post today’s iPhone snapshot and look where it went.

Sorry for the rambling! I guess it’s just that kind of day.


This shot was taken in Omiya, Saitama at about 3:30pm. Despite being an “iPhone snap” it wasn’t as easy as you might think. Shooting into the sun never is. To even see the screen and line the shot up I had to hold the phone away from me and kind of glance sideways at it. Anything else would have left me blind or trying to blink that annoying sun spot out of my vision for the rest of the day.

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