The end of the day

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Sometimes, at the end of the day, when you feel tired in your bones, ready to shut out the world as you shut the door and close the blinds, the universe turns around and does this.

Walking to the train station, head down and hands shoved in pockets, I was lost in a sea of gloomy, winter melancholy and then, I stepped into a stream of liquid gold.

I don’t know how many people walking through that small station stopped to admire the light but I… I couldn’t help but stop. I was transfixed just as the station was transformed by everything the light touched. The photographer in me couldn’t help it. Ever since I picked up a camera I’ve been fascinated by light. It creates magic the way nothing else can. And so, entranced by the liquid gold of sunset, I reached for the only camera I had to hand; my iPhone.

The end of the day20131212-170152.jpg

Going home

The oncoming grandmas

These were all shot at Sugamo station Tokyo using my iPhone. Tweaked a little with a handy little app called VSCOcam.

Have a great night, everyone.


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