A perfect day

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’ve just seen the Broadway cast of Dreamgirls live on stage. Overwhelmed from the show we don’t know what…


Lena Loredana

For a long time now we’ve been chatting with Lena about doing a shoot. She is strong, passionate, generous and exceptionally beautiful. Why wouldn’t…



Dreamgirls, both a Broadway smash and an award winning movie… Now in Tokyo, the broadway cast of this magnificent show have been here since…


H&M Conscious Action

Besides the work we do for magazines and online publications we are often asked to cover events, from festivals to dance parties and fashion…


Chizuru Suzuki

“I am obsessed with beauty. I want everything to be perfect, and of course it isn’t. And that’s a tough place to be because…


A sneak peak

Once again, almost a year after our last collaboration, BERRY and YUKIHIRO joined forces last week to put together a new, exciting photo shoot….


While I was out

In my last post I uploaded some images of a possible photo shoot location. What I didn’t upload were the images I took while…

Location Hunting

Getting ready for my next big photo shoot with YUKIHIRO I decided to take a walk and check out our next location. We had…

Yayoi Kawahara

From my most recent shoot with Yayoi Kawahara. I couldn’t decide on which I liked better, the color or the black and white so…

Behind the scenes with Yayoi

BEHIND THE SCENES Model: Yayoi Kawahara Video by Nathan Berry A fun little behind the scenes video from my recent shoot with Yayoi. Enjoy!