GLAM online

Hi everyone! In case you missed our last post, I would like to encourage everyone (especially those living in Tokyo) to check out BRIDGE….


Sofian Medjadi Fisli

Here is another image, from Paris, of the very cool and sophisticated, Sofian Medjadi Fisli. We would LOVE to see him working here in Japan…



As it has been a little while since we last updated the blog we thought we would go through the archives and dig out…


Yes, I know

A fashionable bar somewhere in Europe. The location doesn’t matter. All that matters is you. You are young and confident. Strong, smooth and good…

We’re back

After a long absence, we are finally back and running at full steam. While we haven’t posted anything in the last couple of months…


BRIDGE Fundraising Project

Last weekend saw the launch of an exciting new fundraising project here in Japan, called BRIDGE. With so many different charities and fundraising projects…



Enjoying the day off, we went out to Odaiba this afternoon for a look around and this is the site that greeted us when…


Tokyo Live

Photography and music are two of our greatest passions. When the chance comes to shoot a live gig, we’re there. Standing in front of…


The end of the day

Sometimes, at the end of the day, when you feel tired in your bones, ready to shut out the world as you shut the…


Yayoi Kawahara

It was a week or so before New York Fashion Week and the sun was shining brightly in Tokyo. Although it would be autumn…