BRIDGE Fundraising Project

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Last weekend saw the launch of an exciting new fundraising project here in Japan, called BRIDGE. With so many different charities and fundraising projects around, it can be difficult to decide who to help or even how to help. BRIDGE is a little different from the rest and it is super easy to help. For the regular person on the street, all you have to do is SHOP!

BRIDGE was created by two of Tokyo’s popular fashion models, Emi Renata and Carolina Kaneda and the concept is so simple it’s perfect: public figures,  such as models and others from the fashion industry, donate clothes and accessories etc. to BRIDGE which are then sold in their online store. The proceeds of the sales are collected and donated to charity. Simple!

BRIDGE was officially launched on Saturday night with a party for it’s many wonderful supporters.

Emi Renata & Carolina Kaneda at the BRIDGE launch party.

Pictured above: Emi Renata and Carolina Kaneda
Photo by: Nathan Berry

Now, how can you get involved? You can check out the official website: or you can go shopping! Here’s the link to their online store:

Remember, to help all you have to do is shop. Or, if shopping isn’t your thing, spread the word. Reblog, repost, and share!

You can also find BRIDGE on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Instagram –
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