Azusa Higa

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Some of my old work with Azusa Higa.

Going through old photos is a little like going back in time. The image in front of you brings back with it the feelings, the ideas, the way you were thinking at the time. I spent the morning looking over shots from an old shoot, one I was never quite satisfied with. I took a lot of pictures that day but something in the editing just wasn’t quite right. I was experimenting with a style and I was, I think, a bit heavy handed with the post processing.

It’s only been 12 months but I’ve learned a lot since then. I don’t often get the chance to look back over my old stuff let alone rework it. I’m always so busy working on the now. Usually we look back on our past work and improve on it by taking better shots the next time. Today I was actually able to re-edit some shots I took well over a year ago. New eyes, new techniques and tricks.
It has been a good morning.

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