Azusa Higa in Paris with YUKIHIRO

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A couple of months ago, we were invited to travel to Europe, once again, with the stunning and vivacious Azusa Higa. After the amazing time we had in Amsterdam last year, we decided, this year, we would go to Paris. Wine, architecture, art and culture… THE city of high fashion and beautiful people. Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris?

With the dates set and the tickets booked, our first task was to find somewhere to stay. Finding somewhere to stay in Paris isn’t difficult, but we weren’t just looking for accommodation, we were looking for a location. THE location, in fact.

We knew what we wanted; it was simply a matter of finding somewhere that matched the image in our minds. We were looking for something classic with a touch of old-world decadence.

What we found was an old artist’s apartment in Rue Moret, not too far from the heart of Paris.

By now you will have seen a few of the images from this location online: red velvet, gilt mirrors, spiral staircases and hardwood floors… Classic decadence synonymous with the Everyman image of Europe and something very difficult to find in modern Tokyo.

Here is an image from that shoot, not yet published anywhere but here.


The other purpose of our trip was to take a series of “street” style photos of Azusa carrying a newly designed YUKIHIRO bag.

What better way is there to show off a newly designed bag for women, than to have one of the most gorgeous women in the world parade through Paris with one over her shoulder?

So, with that in mind, we hit the streets. Never having been to Paris before and not having a team on the ground to scout locations, we had to do things on the fly. As such, our shoot became more of a “photo walk” as we wandered the streets, looking for that perfect location.

There are worse ways to spend a day than following a beautiful woman around the streets of Paris.

This image (also the feature image of the article) is just one of the many “street” shots we captured in Paris.


To say the day was glorious would be an understatement. Coming from Tokyo, where summer was quickly giving way to the shorter, chill days of Autumn, we weren’t expecting it to be so warm or for the day to be so long. In fact, the day was so hot and the sunlight so intense we had to rethink some of the shots we’d planned.

It’s funny to think that a “nice” day can ruin a photo shoot but when the sun is as bright at 7pm as it is at noon it can cause a lot of headaches.

A big thank you to Azusa for being such a wonderful (and patient) tour guide and model. We really appreciate everything.

We will be posting more images from our “photo walk” soon.

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Model: Azusa Higa
Photography: Nathan Berry
Location: Paris, France

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