A perfect day

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. We’ve just seen the Broadway cast of Dreamgirls live on stage. Overwhelmed from the show we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We could go home but somehow that just doesn’t feel right so we wander into Shibuya and find ourselves at a cosy little bar tucked away behind the scenes.

Tokyo is many things to many people. It is a place full of blinding lights and nerve shattering sounds. It is a place where rigid formality and extreme, colorful eccentricity exist side by side. It is a place of hidden treasures and unspoken secrets.

The bar we found ourselves in was once a terrace house or, rather, a series of small European style terrace houses all together. The concept is so simple. Take an old, run down house, slap a coat of white-wash on everything, string bare globes and fairy lights from the ceiling, fill the space with an eclectic mix of vintage furniture and divide the seating areas with drapes made of gauze and cheap silks… Keep the drinks coming and you can forget for a while that you are in the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world. You are in a bohemian wonderland.

If you have ever been to Japan in August you know that it is hot and sticky and, unless you are inside of some air conditioned ice-box, it is almost impossible to escape the heat.

Not this Sunday. This Sunday the air is cool and the weather is mild. The sun is shining but it lacks the bite of summer. In this place and this time Tokyo is somewhere else.

Sitting out on the terrace, drinking gin and tonics in the mild afternoon sun with two of the most beautiful people in the world… Life has some amazing moments. This Sunday was one of them.


Pictured: Chizuru Suzuki and Adam “Yukihiro” Bowden.

Thank you to Keisha Gilles and Deonté L. Warren for the free tickets to Dreamgirls.
The show was nothing short of spectacular. Thank you so much!

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